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Hostgator “We eat up the competition” is a leading web hosting provider. If you are looking for somewhere to host your website whether you are new to the internet or new to the websites then hostgator will be a place for you for hosting your website than most other companies out there.

It is a fairly straight forward website of Hostgator although there is a lot more thing going on because they have many products for which you might have been looking for in an amazing cost.

Hostgator Review - Hosting Plans : 

To start hosting a website with Hostgator you have various plans out there which are :

  • Hatching plan
  • Baby Plan
  • Business plan

You can even sign up for only one month and check out how it works. It has 25% off on all the Hosting packages ( Use 25% Discount code - HGSITECOUPON25), But if you go with the business plan which has a toll free number with dedicated SSL and IP.

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You cannot get that much benefit with the hatching account which I personally don’t like, but what I like about Hostgator is 45 days money back guarantee and which is more then 15 days than any other industry standard.

Hostgator Review -
Trustworthy Server With 99.9% Guaranteed 
Up-time :

Now coming to the technology it supports what most web hosting look for, like if we talk about Linux, you can have access for windows hosting but you have only two plans for it and it is also going to be a bit more expensive.

On the other hand you have a Cpanel and you have access to a fantastic script installer which is good for script for plugs and forums. You obviously might have email accounts and you also have some scripts for e-commerce and so like everything you might like, is there for you.

Now moving further to the Hostgator Sign up process which is very simple and very clean, Once you verify your domain it is very simple because it just asks you to create your login credentials,then make the payment and then you are ready to start with your web hosting, which is very quick in fact and I am sure you will really like it.

So talking about Hostgator they have everything you require for web hosting whether you want Linux or windows, any sort of script installer, site builder and anything you need you will find inside the Hostgator.
Hostgator Customer Support Review - :

If you are reviewing Hostgator then next step would be verifying the support level, and when we are talking about web hosting then you definitely want to have a provider which has a good support and you can go for the Live chat to check the support system, and after checking you will come to know that the response is quick and you can go there with your queries anytime and the answers are very thorough.

You can also call for the queries and you will find that it is 24*7 working Customer Support and they always solve your queries. Their response time is also very quick. You can also contact Hostgator through email, but I don’t think you will need it because it provides very quick support through Live chat or calls.

45 Days Money Back Guarantee: 

You will also love the guarantee which is a 45 days money back guarantee. Now for hosting we normally require a Cpanel or a Site builder access, you can have a look on the demo of these two without having to buy them. Hostgator is making this available for anyone which I think is great again which speaks of its confidence. They have customized the Cpanel to make it more user friendly and which looks good. There are lots of good features of having a Cpanel of Hostgator.

Hostgator Review - Free Site Builder :

You can have immediate access to your site builder like soft launch and the fantastical scripts, you also have access to a free web design quote service app through a service called Glow Touch technologies and they are obviously partners with hostgator but I think it’s very good to have other option in case you want to go for someone else who can do work for you through hostgator which is pretty smart.

If I talk about the Hostgator Site builder it’s a fast process which you will find to be very clean and very user friendly, it is full interactive and easy for users. All you have to do is just get started by going through the design elements to search and determine for which pages you need, edit the content and then just push. It is created in a very simplistic manner. There are very simple steps out there which is very easy to follow and if you are a beginner don’t hesitate to try out the hostgator.

And In this review I think I have been able to cover all the basics of hostgator hosting  and I think I was able to give you a quick Hostgator review about one of the top leading web host provider.

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Step 3 : Enter your existing domain name or buy a new domain with Hostgator.

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Step 6 : Make you payment and finalize the purchase. All done.

Author:-  Lamont Whitlatch

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